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Before attending a driving test, most countries demand that the candidate takes a minimum number of lessons. For example, in France, driving test candidates must take at least 20 hours of professional driving tuition before attending the practical driving test. However, here in the UK, a learner driver is only required to bring the provisional driving licence and a car to the driving test.

Using a Driving Examiners Car for the Practical Test

Many learner drivers, especially those from abroad, are under the impression that they can use the driving examiners car. Unfortunately, this is not so. The DVSA confirmation email, which is sent out to all test candidates, clearly states that the candidate must bring their UK driving licence along with a car for the test. If the learner driver did turn up at the Loughton driving test centre without a car, their driving test will be cancelled. Furthermore, there were lose their test fee and will have to rebook another practical driving test.

Using a Driving Instructors Car for the Practical Test

Many learner drivers in the Loughton area preferred to use their driving instructor’s car for the driving test. Although there is no minimum set of lessons, driving instructors will only allow the use of their car to learner drivers that are up to the required driving test standard. Furthermore, driving instructors would have expected the learner driver to have completed the syllabus set by the DVSA. The syllabus includes driving in residential roads, winding country lanes, dual carriageways and the parking manoeuvers.

Using Your Own Car for the Driving Test

One option that is available to international drivers is to use their own car. The learner driver can also use a car not belonging to them such as a friend or family member’s vehicle. The driving test in the UK is by no means an easy test. Driving examiners marked to a very high standard of driving. You are allowed to make no serious faults in the driving test. One serious fault will result in the test being failed. If you do decide to take your own vehicle to the driving test, it must be taxed, MOTed, roadworthy and meet the DVSA conditions for using a car for the driving test.

Using a Rental Car for Driving Test

Although it is very easy for someone who holds a full foreign driver’s license to hire a car from major rental companies in London, these rental cars are not allowed in the driving test. The DVSA will only permit a rental vehicle for the purpose of the driving test if it is fitted with dual controls. Furthermore, it must be ensured for that particular learner driver to take the driving test.

DTC UK Driving Test Car Hire London

If you have managed to find yourself a driving test cancellation in Loughton, you will probably find the driving instructors in the area are fully booked up. Most driving instructors in Loughton would require at least a months’ notice to take somebody to the practical driving test. In situations like this, the learner driver has three options. The first is to reschedule their driving test, the second is to use their own car and the third is to hire a dual controlled car.

DTC UK provides a driving test car hire service in Loughton accompanied by a fully qualified approved driving instructor. Our emergency driving instructors are available at 48 hours’ notice. To increase your chances further of passing the practical driving test, DTC UK can provide a few intensive driving lessons.

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