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Car for Driving Test in Chingford

Early driving tests to book within 2 weeks at Chingford

Car for Driving Test in Chingford

Before attending for a practical driving test at Chingford, it’s most important that candidate reads the email confirmation letter regarding their booking. The email states that the candidate must bring their theory their provisional UK driving licence, theory certificate and a car. Furthermore, the learner driver needs to take their glasses if it’s required in order to pass the number plates reading test.

Can I use Driving Examiners Car for the Test?

Many learner drivers turn up at the Chingford Driving Test Centre without a car. They are under the impression that the car will be supplied by the driving examiner. Although this happens in many countries such as the United States, the examiners in the UK will not allow the candidates to hire or even borrow their car for the test.

Can I use Driving Instructors Car for Practical Test?

Most learner drivers in Chingford do use their instructor’s car for the test. However, driving instructors are not obliged to give you their car. The DVSA advice driving instructors to present pupils to a practical driving test only if the pupil is at the required standard. For this reason, the driving instructors in the Chingford area only allow pupils that have taken several lessons to use their car in the test.

Can I use my Own Car for the Driving Test?

Although driving examiner would prefer a car fitted with dual controls, you may take your own car provided it meets the DVSA guidelines. The car presented to the examiner must be taxed MOTed, insured and roadworthy. Furthermore, extra attention is needed to ensure that indicators, headlights, brake lights, demisters, heating controls, wipers and horn is in working order. The vehicle should be clean and smoke-free.

Using a Car Rental Company

Companies such as Sixt, Hertz, Avis and Enterprise will not allow their cars to be used for the purpose of taking a driving test. Some foreign license and international license holders have been known to hire cars from these companies and present them at the Chingford Driving Test Centre. The driving examiners can easily identify a rental car. A rental car presented at a driving test, without dual control, will not be taken out. The test will be cancelled and the money lost.

Dual Control Car Hire with Instructor

If a candidate fails a practical test, they normally want to rebook at the earliest possible date. The problem is that most driving instructors are fully booked for driving test 2 months ahead. A driving instructor cannot hire their car to two different students at the same time. One of them has to be let down.

DTC UK can hire out a manual or automatic dual control car at for your driving test at Chingford at less than 48 hours notice. The car hire service comes with emergency driving instructors who are familiar with the Chingford driving test routes. If you have recently failed and are looking for a short notice driving test, DTC UK can guarantee a last-minute practical test within 2 weeks or it’s free.


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