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Car for Driving Test in Chertsey

When attending for a practical driving test at Chertsey, it’s most important that candidate brings their provisional driving license, theory certificate and a car. Many learners are under the impression that a car will be supplied by the Chertsey Driving Test Centre. In many countries, this practice is normal. However, in the UK the driving examiners nor the DVSA will not allow the learner to borrow or hire their cars.

Driving Instructors Car for Practical Test

You may use your driving instructors car for the practical test at Chertsey, provided you have been taking regular lessons from that instructor and have pre-booked the time in advance. Driving instructors in the Chertsey area are extremely busy and get booked up months in advance. If you have booked your test, it’s most important that you do not delay informing your driving instructor or driving school.

Some driving instructors in Chertsey may be able to hire you their car for the practical test. However, before doing so, they will need to access your driving ability. You will also be required to take several driving lessons. This is because the instructors pass rate is monitored by the DVSA. Most driving instructors and driving schools in Chertsey will only allow the learner the use of their car if the is a high chance of passing.

Using a Car Rental Company

There are a few car rental companies operating in the Chertsey area such as Avis. They are prepared to hire their cars to international drivers. However, their insurance will not allow the use of their car ina practical driving test. Furthermore, the DVSA does not allow the use of a rental car in the driving test unless it has been fitted with dual controls.

Take Your Own Car for the Test

You may take your own car to the practical test at the Chertsey driving test centre. Although it does not have to be fitted with dual controls, examiner prefer cars with duals for their added safety. Any car taken to the driving test must meet the DVSA guidelines. Basically, the car should be roadworthy and insured for the “Candidate.”

Part of the driving test will involve the examiner asking the candidate two vehicle safety questions. One of these questions will be asked at the beginning of the test, at the Chertsey Test Centre car park. Safety questions may involve checking tyres, wipers, horn, indicators, headlights, heating system, demisters and opening up the bonnet.

Dual Control Car Hire with Instructor

DTC UK operates a unique service aimed at international drivers and learner who have been let down by their own instructors. We will hire you a dual control car for your driving test at Chertsey at only 24 hours notice. Furthermore, to improve your chances of passing the test, the car hire service comes with DVSA registered Approved Driving Instructor (ADI).

DTC UK offers two hours of coaching on the Chertsey driving test routes. Our emergency driving instructor will go through what is expected from the learner in order to obtain a full UK drivers licence. You have the choice between an automatic car hire or a manual car hire.



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