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Car for Driving Test Hendon

Last minute driving tests available in Hendon

Car for Driving Test Hendon

The average waiting time for a driving test appointment at Hendon is well over 2 months. Occasionally, Short notice tests are available. These are often booked hurriedly by learner drivers who then struggle to find a car for the test.

Driving Examiners Car for Test

Some learner drivers are under the impression that they can use the examiner’s car for the practical driving test. This is not so. The driving examiner will not allow any learner to use their cars. In fact, the DVSA (Driver & Vehicle  Standards Agency) forbids the examiners from loaning or hiring their cars, even to driving instructors for the advanced driving test.

Driving Instructors car for Practical Test

Most people to take a practical test at Hendon use their driving instructor’s car on the test. Driving instructors are busy people who are booked months in advance. If you are considering hiring your instructor’s car for the test, you need to inform them as soon as the driving test is confirmed. When booking a practical driving test, if possible, use your instructors ADI number. This will prevent the DVSA from double booking the instructors time.

Taking your Own Car to the Driving Test

Learner drivers are allowed to take their own car to the practical test at Hendon. However, the car must be legal, roadworthy and insured for the learner driver. Before the test, the driving examiner will check the car for damaged tyres and lights. You may be asked to check the operation of the horn, demisters, wipers and lights. The learner driver is also expected to be accompanied by a supervising driver during the journey to the test centre.  The supervising driver must be at least 21 years years old and someone who has held a full UK or European licence for at least 3 years. Driving examiners at Hendon have been known to notify the Police of unaccompanied learner drivers.

Dual Control Car Hire with an ADI

If you normal driving instructor is double booked or has simply let you down, you have the option of hiring an automatic or manual car. All car supplied by DTC UK are fully insured and fitted with dual controls to comply with DVSA regulations. An emergency ADI (Approved Driving Instructor) will provide you with some tuition in order to improve your chances of success.

If you are looking for an earlier driving test date at Hendon, DTC UK can arrange this for you within 2 weeks. If not, you can have it for free.

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