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Car for Driving Test at Mitcham

The Mitcham practical driving test centre in south London is extremely popular amongst learner drivers and their instructors. The average waiting time for a driving test appointment at the test centre is well over two months. However, occasionally short notice driving tests do appear. These are often grabbed by learner drivers without making arrangements for a car.

Using the Examiners Car for Driving Test

Many learner drivers turn up at the Mitcham driving test centre hoping to do the driving test but without a car. They are under the impression that a car will be supplied by the driving test centre. This is not the case. The email confirmation which is received by every test candidate clearly indicates that the learner driver must take the UK driving licence along with a car to the practical test. Learner drivers that turn up at the Mitcham driving test centre, without a car, are turned away. Furthermore, they lose the test fee and will have to rebook again.

Using the Instructors Car for Driving Test

The majority of learner drivers in the Mitcham area would prefer to take the driving instructors car for the test. Unfortunately, this is not always possible. A driving instructor would typically be teaching approximately 30 pupils at any given time. Many of these pupils would have a driving test date booked. If you have booked the short notice driving test, there is a good possibility that your driving instructor would be pre-booked on another test. You should give your driving instructor as much notice of your driving test booking as possible.

Using your Own Car for the Test

Some pupils are lucky enough to have extra practice in their own car as well as take driving lessons. These pupils have the option of choosing between instructor’s car and their own car. If you have had plenty of practice in your own car, you may feel more confident in that particular car than in your instructor car. In this situation, it may be beneficial to take your own car to the driving test at Mitcham. However, if you have not driven your instructor’s car for a few weeks, you may have developed some bad habits. Taking the test in the driving instructors’ car will give you the opportunity to rectify your bad habits. Furthermore, if you do decide to take your own car to the driving test, you must ensure that it meets the DVSA requirements.

DTC UK Driving Test Car Hire

If you have found a short notice driving test and your instructor is not available, you have the option of hiring a car for your driving test. Any car that you hire for the driving test must be fitted with dual controls. The driving examiners will not conduct the test in a rental car which is not fitted with dual controls.

DTC UK operation emergency dual control car rental service. You have the choice between an automatic and a manual car. All our cars are fully insured and come with a driving instructor. Our emergency driving instructors are available to cover the driving test at the Mitcham driving test centre at less than 48 hours’ notice. If you have recently failed a driving test or just need to be on the road as a matter of urgency, DTC UK can arrange a short notice driving test in the Mitcham area within two weeks or it’s totally free.

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