Video – Driving Myths or Facts


1) You can drive with your headphones on.

This is a fact. It is not illegal to drive with headphones on. However, Listening to very loud music through headphones could be very distracting and it could prevent you from hearing emergency sirens.

2) When taking a driving test, the examiner will provide you with a car.

Driving Myths or Facts
You can drive with headphones on. True or Myth



This is a Myth. You must provide a suitable vehicle which meets the DVSA requirements, otherwise, your driving test will be cancelled. If you hire a car, it must be fitted with dual controls.


3) You can eat and drink while you drive.

Strangely, this is a fact. It is not illegal to eat while you are driving.  However, you could be prosecuted by police if proven that you are not in proper control of the vehicle. The same goes for drinking at the wheel – obviously I am talking about soft drinks.


4) Driving extra slow and cautiously in the driving test will help you to pass.

This is a Myth. Driving examiner expects you to drive according to the road and traffic conditions. Driving slow can encourage other road users to overtake you in dangerous situations. In fact, you can fail your driving test for driving too slow.


5) It can be against the law to drive with your fog lights on.

This is true. Fog lights must only be used when visibility is below 100 meters. Having fog lights on forgetting to switch them off when the fog clears could land you with a £100 fine plus 3 points on your licence as it will dazzle other road users.


6) You will fail your driving test if you went the wrong way during the independent driving section.

This is a Myth. The independent driving section is designed to test your ability to drive under pressure. Provided you drive safely, you will not fail for going the wrong way. The driving examiner will simply guild you back onto the route.


7) It can be against the law to smoke in your own car.

This is true. It is against the law to smoke in your car if you are carrying passengers under the age of 18.


8) You will fail your driving test for stalling.

This is a Myth. Stalling a car is generally a minor fault. If you stalled at 3 separate occasions you would get 3 minor faults. However, if you stalled in a dangerous situation or continuously stalled in one place that could be a different result.


9) All Speed cameras are working in order to issue tickets and make money.

This is a Myth. Various Freedom of Information requests has revealed that some speed cameras are not fully operational in the UK. Please do not go out and test them. You’ll probably end up losing your licence.


10) You have less chance of passing your driving test on a Friday.

This is a Myth. There are no pass or fail quotas. It makes no difference what day or time you take your driving test if you drive positively and safely, you will pass your driving test.


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