How to Deal with Speed Humps

Speed Humps can be annoying but they are there for a good reason. Speed humps save lives. They are designed to make drivers drive at slower speeds than they normally would. So, how would you identify a speed hump?

You should see a Red triangle warning sign well before the humps. As you approach the hump itself,  you will notice a white triangle painted on the hump. Remember, the humps are there for a reason, usually, there is a school or playground nearby.

When in an area with speed humps you should drive at a constant speed and avoid speeding up between the humps. Different types of humps are designed for different speeds.

How to Deal with Speed Humps
How to Deal with Speed Humps by DTC-UK explains what speed and gears to approach different humps.


Firstly, we have the full-length humps.

They should generally be approached in 2nd gear at about 10 to 15 mph. However, with experience, you will be able to judge the speed according to your car.

Secondly, we have small quarter humps.

You should aim to get the wheel on both sides of the humps so that the humps are in the centre of the car. However, sometimes there may be a parked car and we may not be able take the humps smoothly. Some learners, wanting to give the examiner a smoother drive, take the hump in the middle of the road. You can get marked down for this. The position of the vehicle is more important than the comfort.



Unless you are on a one-way road, you must position approximately one meter away from the kerb or the parked cars.

These smaller humps can be taken in 2nd or 3rd gear at about 20 mph. Sometimes we get something called a raised zebra crossing.  This is where there is usually is large hump under the crossing. These should be approached very slowly at about 10mph. Once again, on approach, there will be triangular warning sign indicating a raised pedestrian crossing and you will also find the white triangle on the hump itself.

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