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Video – Driving Myths or Facts
2 October, 2017

  1) You can drive with your headphones on. This is a fact. It is not illegal to drive with headphones on. However, Listening to very loud music through headphones could be very distracting and it could prevent you from hearing emergency sirens. 2) When taking a driving test, the examiner will provide you with […]

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How to Deal with Speed Humps
1 October, 2017

Speed Humps can be annoying but they are there for a good reason. Speed humps save lives. They are designed to make drivers drive at slower speeds than they normally would. So, how would you identify a speed hump? You should see a Red triangle warning sign well before the humps. As you approach the […]

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Unknown Secret – How To Pass Your Driving Test
17 September, 2017

Unknown Secret- How To Pass Your Driving Test The Unknown Secret – How To Pass Your Driving Test explains in details exactly what the DVSA driving examiner are trained to look out for. Have you recently failed a driving Test or know someone who has? Many people fail their driving test for not checking mirrors. […]

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How to Deal with Bus Lanes
14 September, 2017

How to Deal with Bus Lanes Many learner drivers fail their driving test. Some for entering a bus during the hours of operation, but many for not using the bus lane. However, this two-minute video explains the basic rules that are required to pass your driving test. Furthermore, how to deal with bus lane safely after the […]

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First Driving Lesson
8 September, 2017

First Ever Driving Lesson This video is designed for all learner who wants to learn how to drive a car.  Whether you’re a beginner or getting to know and understanding the controls in more depth. However, this video is a must for the beginner. Learners, during their first driving lesson, often take a seat in […]