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Unknown Secret – How To Pass Your Driving Test
17 September, 2017

Unknown Secret- How To Pass Your Driving Test The Unknown Secret – How To Pass Your Driving Test explains in details exactly what the DVSA driving examiner are trained to look out for. Have you recently failed a driving Test or know someone who has? Many people fail their driving test for not checking mirrors. […]

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How to Impress a Driving Examiner
15 September, 2017

How To Impress a Driving Examiner This video is about how to impress a driving examiner. It was requested by one of our subscribers was concerned about bad reviews at a particular driving test centre. Driving test centres tend to much lower review ratings than driving schools. This is because when a learner driver passes […]

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How to Deal with Bus Lanes
14 September, 2017

How to Deal with Bus Lanes Many learner drivers fail their driving test. Some for entering a bus during the hours of operation, but many for not using the bus lane. However, this two-minute video explains the basic rules that are required to pass your driving test. Furthermore, how to deal with bus lane safely after the […]

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First Driving Lesson
8 September, 2017

First Ever Driving Lesson This video is designed for all learner who wants to learn how to drive a car.  Whether you’re a beginner or getting to know and understanding the controls in more depth. However, this video is a must for the beginner. Learners, during their first driving lesson, often take a seat in […]